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Samscalp 2

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Day & Night Scalping

Avg monthly roi : 24% from april 21 / 22% Max drawdown

Avg trade duration < 2 hours / max trade duration 12h33

Risk per trade : 2% / Max simulaneous trades : 20 

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Market conditions appear to have returned to normal for the night scalping.

Still working with the EA :

- Adjusted EURUSD and USDJPY settings (no more forced minimum TP hardcoded internally)

- Made the EA more strict in entries, uses a slightly wider Stoploss to prevent stop-outs due to spread widening and bigger exit TP levels. Overal this performs best in backtest and in my demo account

It mean's little more profits with little less drawdown.

It's already turned on in my personal live account, I will turn it on in the PAMM with only 1% risk per trade at least until the end of the week. I will put it again at the normal risk of 2% later.


I'm still working at the day scalping with two forex pairs only with pure price action (support/resistance, RSI, Stochastic) but i need to improve it again before turning on in the pamm.

I'm working too for another strategy with XAUUSD wich uses 2 differents RSI parameters and ATR indicator and wich is very promising, I turn it on in my personal live account after 1 month of very good results in demo account. I think this new strategy could be on the pamm soon.


Trading stopped from now. (bad market conditions)

- 10,52 % DD just today... Historic drawdown

Will restart trading when safe market

Still working on other scalping strategies and to adapt this strategy to market evolution.

Hope we will come back very soon with night trading and day trading



Nov. 25-26 stoped trading : Thanksgiving holiday

Nov. 29 (sunday - monday night) stoped trading : Bad market conditions possible due to market reaction to new variants of covid-19 in South Africa