Conception goal of the project

Everyone knows the Staff Law: “I will give you staff if you have a staff; I will take away your staff if you have no staff”. Many brokers have PAMMs but not all of them have enough managers and it results in the lack of interest from investors. At the same time, the lack of potential investors keeps managers from opening a PAMM. This is an endless circle – investors stay away because there are no managers and managers stay away because there are no investors. The main goal of our service is to break this circle.

If several brokers’ PAMMs are put together in a single rating – the number of PAMMs will become a few times larger. Investors would like to select out of a larger number of managers and will be motivated to watch the rating. Managers would be interested in trading where they have more chances to find an investor. This is how we can use the Staff Law for our benefit. Investors will attract managers and vice versa.

There is another important aspect that influenced the creation of this project. Many brokers are looking for PAMM options for their customers but most of the plans require service integration and this takes time and resources that brokers always critically lack. We have decided to create a service that does not require integration. A broker can connect to our service quickly and easily. We know firsthand about how busy brokers are and decided to make their lives easier. If a broker contacts us today - PAMMs will be available tomorrow.


Managers are not limited with just one broker and can select among others according to jurisdiction, trading conditions, payment options, bonus deals, etc.
Investors can choose out of a large number of managers and watch managers from different brokers in the same rating.
Brokers can connect quickly and easily without any integration.
Variety of opportunities for all kinds of financial markets participants supported by the authority of AMTS Solutions, will help everyone find in this project what they need for their activity.

We are inviting everyone who wants to have a staff to join our project. Thank you for choosing our service.

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