How to become an investor step by step

To become an investor you need to take a few easy steps. Steps like broker binding are taken just once and then you would be able to open PAMM and investing account with the broker and be able to deposit and withdraw funds. Note that via our service a manager can work with multiple brokers as well as an investor can invest into multiple PAMMs from multiple brokers. We explain all the required steps below:

You need to open a real account with a broker listed by our service. The account will be used for deposits and profit withdrawals.
Then you need to log in to your cabinet and bind your broker by providing your login for the account and email that you used to register with the broker.
Then you need to select a desired PAMM and PAMM’s offer that will have terms of work with investors (minimum investment amount, trading period, manager’s reward, etc.) and proceed to investment account creation.
Create an investment account bound to the selected offer and deposit funds to it.
The deposit will be executed by transferring funds from the bound account created with a broker (it has to be deposited to ahead of time) to our service investment account. Any PAMM withdrawals will be performed back to the real account with your broker.

This is it. Do not waste your time, analyze PAMMs and select one that fits your goals. We wish you good luck in investing.

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