Broker needs it

For many traders, PAMMs availability is necessary to open an account with a broker. Contemporary traders understand that it is impossible to earn a lot of money with own little capital; therefore, they are trying to become managers and raise investments. Even those who are learning to trade do not want to spend time trading on the regular account and prefer to collect statistics in PAMM. This is why many brokers do not want to stay behind and make a decision to offer PAMM service for their customers.

Attracting big auditory to own isolated service is a hard task. Many brokers have proved it. If a broker has created PAMM service 10 years ago and has not attracted an army of managers and investors, performing this task now is much more difficult (Read about the Staff Law in the Concept).

General customer base of several brokers can grow quickly because of the high interest of a broad group of potential customers. Several brokers’ efforts in attracting new customers would multiply. Our service will also participate in attracting customers. Our goal is to create a big and popular platform and brokers’ goal is to join the platform and popularity. Several companies will always have an advantage over a single company. We offer every broker to join our union and take away the Staff from those who would not do it.

There is another important thing to keep in mind. Many brokers do not implement PAMMs because it takes certain efforts to integrate them into clients’ cabinets to use them. We have solved this problem and our project does not require any integration. We have our cabinet and the process of connecting a broker is quite fast and simple.

PAMM system features for a broker:

Quick start. No client’s cabinet integration required.
Stop out PAMM protection thanks to transaction auto-correction at withdrawals.
Functionality reflecting multi-year experience in PAMM service creation.
Trustful technologies from AMTS Solutions .
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