For Trader manager

Every trader looks to earn a lot of money, but there is no secret that the higher are risks, the higher is the probability to lose all the money. This is why regulators in many countries try to limit max leverage in personal trading. On the other hand, this limitation limits potential income. People come to trading after big incomes and are forced to be between a rock and hard place: either reduce risks or increase income. Investor’s fund management solves this problem. While managing large capital, even small relative income with moderate risks can be large enough in absolute terms. Becoming a manager is the most logical way a trader should look for.

PAMM service truly is the most popular instrument for managers. The trader can show the quality and stability of his trading with his little deposit during a certain period. If trading looks professional, PAMM monitoring can attract investors. The trader does not need to look for investors – PAMM service will do it for him and the trader just needs to take care of the trading. Everyone has to mind his own business.

The more managers there are in the rating, the more interesting the rating is for potential investors and the more probability for a manager to find an investor. This is a well-known fact that it is easier to buy or sell in big marketplaces. This is why we decided to bring together managers and investor from several brokers.

PAMM-system features for a manager:

Individual periods for every Investor.     
Automatic trade correction during deposits and withdrawals.     
Instant execution for deposits and withdrawals.     
Reward can depend on the period and amount of investment.     

If you consider yourself a successful trader or hope to become one – don’t waste your time, open a PAMM account start collecting statistics for your trading. We wish you success.

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